Innovative Technology and Safety Features of Orona Elevators

Innovative Technology and Safety Features of Orona Elevators

Orona Elevators, a leading global manufacturer of vertical transportation systems, is committed to delivering innovative and safe elevator technology to its customers. From cutting-edge features to advanced safety measures, Orona Elevators is dedicated to providing top-quality products that meet the evolving needs of modern buildings.


Regenerative drive system


One of the most notable technological innovations from Orona is its regenerative drive system. This system captures the energy generated by the elevator during operation and feeds it back into the building’s electrical grid, reducing energy consumption and costs. This not only makes Orona elevators more environmentally friendly, but also reduces their overall operating costs.


Destination control system


Another innovative feature of Orona elevators is their destination control system. This technology allows passengers to input their desired destination on a keypad or touchscreen in the lobby, which then directs them to the appropriate elevator. This not only reduces waiting times for passengers, but also optimizes elevator usage by grouping passengers with similar destinations in the same car. This system is particularly effective in high-rise buildings, where elevator traffic can become a major issue.


Emergency rescue system


Orona is also committed to safety and has developed several advanced safety features for its elevators. One of these features is its emergency rescue system, which allows passengers to be rescued quickly and safely in the event of an emergency, such as a power outage or earthquake. The system includes a battery-powered backup generator and a manual release system that allows trained personnel to lower the elevator car to the nearest floor and open the doors.


Advanced door safety technology


Orona elevators also feature advanced door safety technology, such as infrared sensors that detect obstacles in the doorway and prevent the doors from closing on people or objects. Additionally, Orona elevators are equipped with safety brakes and anti-slip devices that prevent the car from falling or slipping in the event of a malfunction.


In conclusion, Orona Elevators is a company that is committed to innovation and safety in its products. Its regenerative drive system, destination control system, and advanced safety features are just a few examples of the company’s dedication to providing top-quality products that meet the needs of modern buildings. Whether it’s reducing energy consumption, optimizing elevator usage, or ensuring passenger safety, Orona Elevators is a leader in elevator technology that is dedicated to delivering the best possible experience for its customers.