5 Common Emergency Dental Treatments

5 Common Emergency Dental Treatments


While you may be familiar with dental emergency procedures, there are some other situations where you may require emergency care. These can range from a missing filling to a root canal for reversible pulpitis. This article will cover topics like chipped or fractured teeth and bleeding gums that require a visit to an emergency dentist in Dubai.

Root canal treatment for reversible pulpitis:

Pulpitis refers to the inflammation of the soft tissues inside a tooth. This inflammation leads to pain and increased pressure within the tooth. It can also result in temperature changes that cause intense pain. If you are experiencing such pain, contact a dentist immediately. If the pain persists or is severe, you may need root canal treatment.

Replacement of a lost filling:

A lost filling is a dental emergency that requires immediate treatment. Losing a filling leaves the tooth vulnerable to bacteria and can cause significant pain. In addition, it can also lead to further tooth decay. To avoid this, the replacement of a lost filling is essential.

In addition to preventing the loss of a filling, regular dental checkups can prevent the filling from falling out. Fortunately, replacing a lost filling isn’t always necessary, but regular dental visits can help determine the best time to replace the restoration.

A chipped or fractured tooth:

A chipped or fractured tooth is a very painful situation that requires immediate dental treatment. Depending on the severity, chipped or fractured teeth may require extraction or repair. Regardless of severity, you should contact your dentist to schedule an appointment. A broken tooth can cause serious pain and even damage to surrounding tissues.

Bleeding gums:

Bleeding gums are a common dental emergency that requires immediate attention. A dentist can perform x-rays and cleaning to remove the blood and debris. Emergency dentists can also recommend anti-inflammatory medications to help stop the bleeding. Sometimes, they may also refer you to periodontics for further treatment.

Loss of a filling:

Loss of a filling can cause severe pain and expose sensitive parts of the tooth. In some cases, over-the-counter dental cement can be used to cover a missing filling. However, this is not a good idea in most cases, as the exposed tissue can lead to further decay. Therefore, you should see an emergency dentist as soon as you feel severe pain and a foul odor emanating from the tooth.